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The Global Business League Club


The Global Business League Club was launched in November 2015 to encourage new members from the global business community and the general public to join together with and create a networking club.

It is our aim to help our members enjoy many different kinds of benefits,specialist services and discounts that are often regarded as a luxury reserved just for extremely wealthy executives.

We currently have four specialist working groups specifically set up to support members.

It’s not all about business either; we plan and arrange different kinds of entertainment, shopping trips, tourism and meetings.

As the club grows, future projects will include helping some of the less fortunate in society in different ways to improve their lives and the well being of their families.

The "Global Business League Club" is ready to help you with:

·        Specialist Tourism:

Members will enjoy free admission to many national tourist attractions and discounted admissions to lots of others.

Preferential Hotel Reservation & Discounts:
Rely upon our specialists to book your hotels at the best rates.

·        Event Ticket Privileges:

Tickets for entertainment events can be reserved at discount ed rates.

·       Bringing businesses together:

Putting you in touch with the supplier you have been searching for but could not easily find.

·       Enjoy your local social amenities:
Many bars, clubs and restaurants will provide discounts for members. We will also help you to search for an activity that you might like try for the first time.

·       Provide local tourist guides:

When we book your hotel, we can also arrange a local tourist guide who will help you get the most out of your visit with expert knowledge.

·       International Charitable Foundation:

As our membership increases weint end to put something back into the life of those who are less fortunate than others or suffer through natural disasters. We will encourage our members to help us provide a feeling of well being within the club.

·       Advice on how to use social mediato increase sales:

Our experts can provide advice to members who would like to know how to take advantage of We Chat, SKYPE, QQ to promote their businesses.

1. The development of 1 million members in a year
2.The partner recruitment:
Recruitment partner requirements: must have certain social resources and channel resources,understand We Chat marketing, promotion platform, understand computer,understand design, photography, understand the language translation, market ersis preferred.

These cond step. Periodic global club happy party.
To further expand the club influence, more efforts to absorb members, partners. Push ed for We Chat and We Chat circle of friends, QQ, SKYPE, E-mail, etc all can attract more members public form The third step. Offer the love when membership reaches 1 million, the world club activities. For contributions in the disaster areas, and at the same time can also to do some charity career, for groups in need of help, such as schools for migrant workers' children, the elderly and infirm, making donations, such as poor mountainous area)

1 partner programme: in any how much money rich, has the resources for resources, with connections for connections, have cast technology, companies have cast products, has as uggestion for that. Give each partner honorary certificate.

2. Individual membership condition joining fee only RMB 150 / year, mainland enterprises joining fee, RMB 2000 / year,

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreign personal membership as long as the $100/ year, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreign enterprises and the $2000 /year.

Member funds for publicity materials, brochures, roll up, membership card,phone services, transport, scenic area merchants to negotiate the staff business trip expenses, the public platform promotion fee etc.

Cumulative promotion individual members: joining reward referees RMB 30.

Recommend a member of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan international membership:rewards referral $30 or RMB 200 .

To promote enterprises membership: reward RMB 500 .

Recommended to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan international member: award $200 or RMB 1200.

Club culture idea
To help others, achievement.   
Passion,diligence, simple and happy.
Here,we create happiness, happy, happy we firmly believe that to create value.

Primary distributor: commission at $100

Secondary distributor: commission at $50

Tertiary distributor: commission at $25

Join us now, take advantage of the fragmented time, as long as simple, believe, persistence, you can make millions a year without selling......

About your benefits: we have various incentive policies, within the scope of legal permission, so that consumers, agents benefit from each other!

Profit model analysis

For example: if each agent directly recruits 20 agents nationwide, your profit will exceed $10 0000 .)

First-tier earnings;

1* 20 people * $100 = $2000

Secondary income;

20 people*20 people * $50 = $20000

Tier 3 income;

20 people * 20 people *20 people*$25 = $200000

An agent's profit point

The first profit point; You can develop primary, secondary and tertiary agents and get rebates.

Second profit point; With the "Bangladesh car maintenance supplier " local life merchant agency, according to each merchant you charge $100 advertising fee/year. That's equal to N merchants X100 dollars.

The third profit point; You add the order to become an agent, the company distributed to you 20 cards, the value of $400, you can give to your friends, relatives, can also be retailed separately. It can make money and save face. When the cards are delivered to you, we'll teach you how to build a database and a loyal following of your own.

The fourth profit point; According to the capital market of Internet finance, when the company accumulates a certain number of real-name users, it can be listed. As the agent of the company, you can apply for the partnership and enjoy the equity of the company with a certain quota.

Celine Feng